Check out SiEx®© our cloud-based App for EEHA inspections and dossier management.
Check out SiEx®© our cloud-based App for EEHA inspections and dossier management -


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Our Services

By intricately understanding the project scope and by engaging highly experienced technical specialists, our team successfully delivers project outcomes within the four functions found to be the most critical to plant operability, efficiency and longevity:

Hazardous Area Compliance (EEHA)
Commissioning and Information Management
Instrumentation & Calibration
Process Optimisation & Alarm Rationalisation

What we do


Slade Industries works with our clients to define a commissioning strategy, we then implement that strategy with diligence and leadership to provide clients with the best outcome. We have developed partnerships with leading commissioning information technology companies to ensure documentation is never lost, and that required documentation has been completed and approved prior to commencement of the next phase for any process.

Hazardous Areas

At Slade Industries our values are what sets us apart from other Instrument and Electrical contractors. Every member of our team is passionate about what they do and we won’t be satisfied unless you are satisfied…And that is why Slade Industries are ‘LEADING THE WAY IN EEHA’.


Process Optimisation and Alarm Rationalisation provide asset owners with the opportunity to assess exactly how their plant is operating such that a detailed report of faults, bottlenecks, nuisance alarms, control loop effectiveness, parameters and settings can be determined. Once produced the asset owner can pick the ‘low hanging fruit’, and fix the easy faults, whilst also putting a plan in place to rectify ‘big ticket’ items.


Slade Industries owns hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of NATA accredited calibration equipment; including Beamex, Fluke, Emerson and many more. What’s more, we know how to achieve the best results out of what we have.

Capabilities Statements

Our company capabilities statement can be downloaded below:

Capability Statement


Slade Industries is proud to be certified by SAI Global under the following standards: